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A beloved friend and one of Los Angeles' finest, Johnny Jones, lost his mother, little brother, and baby sister yesterday. Please follow the link to help contribute to their funeral costs. Johnny is a brother to everyone on the team, and his family and loved ones are in our thoughts and prayers.
Johnny Jones, we love you.

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Crailtap's celebrating independence! Join us and enjoy 20% off everything now thru July 7th! Use code 'LIT' at checkout.


This year we’re celebrating the 4th of July and our independence by taking a look back at some of Girl Films' most fire fueled and free spirited stunts. Be safe out there!
Girl Skateboards
Chocolate Skateboards

Girl Skateboards

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The crew hit Garvanza hard in the new #CrailtapWEAKdays, now Live on the Crailtube!

Girl Skateboards
Chocolate Skateboards

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Girl Skateboards
Chocolate Skateboards
Royal Trucks
Fourstar Clothing

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Photos from Crailtap's post

Andrew Brophy came by to show off some new gear from Girl Skateboards! Check it out at

— Products shown: Andrew Brophy - Classic OG 8.5" Deck, Sporting OG Tee, Sporting OG Tee, Micro OG Embroidered Tee, Micro OG Embroidery Tee, National Hero Coaches Jacket, National Hero Coaches Jacket, Advert Pullover and Advert Pullover.

Justin Eldridge | Crailtap Pro Picks Teaser

Justin Eldridge came by the headquarters to check out some new Chocolate Skateboards and Royal Trucks gear and handled some tricks in the park! Check out his Pro Picks now Live on the Crailtube!


With the #TheFlareLakaiVid deadline coming up, the boys hit the the Chino Skatepark for a quick session before the streets in the new #CrailtapWEAKdays
Lakai Limited Footwear

Tobin Yelland on the Crail Couch

Iconic skate photographer and filmmaker Tobin Yelland stopped by the Crail Couch to talk about shooting Fucktards, EMB hecklers, roadtrips with Cardiel, and our new Crailtap tee featuring his photo of Cardiel.

Click Here for the All Crail Cardiel tee:

Click Here for more of Tobin's work!:

— Products shown: All Crail Cardiel Tee.

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The All Crail Cardiel photo tee by iconic skate photographer Tobin Yelland now available in the
Photo prints available at

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LAST CHANCE! Chocolate Skateboards Box of Chocolate sale ends tonight 11:59PM PST. Don't wait any longer

Photos from Crailtap's post

Chocolate Skateboards Drop 1 Apparel is now available in your local skateshop and the Crailstore!

Photos by: Alex Papke

— Products shown: Red Dot Pocket Tee, Chunk & Square L/S and Chunk & Square L/S.

Photos from Crailtap's post

Girl Skateboards Drop 1 Apparel now available at your local skateshop and in the Crailstore!

Photos by: Alex Papke

— Products shown: Sporting OG Tee, Division Tee, Classic OG Tee, Arch Tee and Bars Snapback Hat.

Chocolate Skateboards

Valentine's Day is tomorrow! Don't get caught without a gift for you Bae or Bro, head to the Crailstore for Chocolate Skateboards lovely Box of Chocolate! 2 Decks and 2 Tees for $100 plus FREE SHIPPING.

Chocolate Skateboards

Box of Chocolate is back! Head over to the Crailstore for more!
Each lovely box includes 2 Decks and 2 Tees for $100 plus FREE SHIPPING!

Royal Trucks

New Daniel Espinoza part for Royal Trucks now Live on Thrasher Magazine!
Video by: Federico Vitetta
Music Courtesy: Spoon

Sean Malto | Crailtap Pro Picks

Sean Malto swung by the Crail Office to grab some new gear and knock out a Pro Picks. He even brought Momma Malto!
Check out his Picks on the Crailstore:

— Products shown: Century Corduroy Snapback Hat, Red Square Wax, Tiki Tee, Wet Dream Blu-Ray DVD, Twisted OG Embroidered Tee and Mike Carroll - 10/325 Deck.

The Berrics

Kenny Anderson is an amazing example of a role model looking to make positive change by embracing the responsibilities that come with being an environmentalist and influencer. The Berrics and Villager teamed up to create a beautiful documentary piece that highlights Kenny's awareness of how his actions impact the world.

Rain won't stop the Girl/Chocolate crew! New #CrailtapWeakdays now Live on the Crailtube!


With Love, from your Crail Family!
Chocolate Skateboards
Royal Trucks


Winter Break means empty school yards, perfect for a Weak Days session.

Sean Malto
Kenny Anderson
Vincent Alvarez
Tyler Pacheco
Brandon Biebel
Mike Carroll
Josh Douglas


When it rains in LA, you know where to find the WEAKdays crew... at the #CrailPark of course!
Girl Skateboards
Chocolate Skateboards

WEAKDAYS: 2016 Year Review

We had a lot of great Weak Days sessions this past year.

Here are some of our favorite tricks and antics from over the year.

Where would you like to see the Weak Days crew this year?
Maybe we'll end up at a spot near you.

Girl Skateboards
Chocolate Skateboards

Rick McCrank | Crailtap Pro Picks

Krankers made the trek down from Vancouver to come grab some new gear at the Girl warehouse.
Check out his Pro Picks and head to the Crailstore for a deal on his picks!

— Products shown: Wax, Twisted OG Crew, Rick Mccrank - 93 Til Deck, OG Embroidered Polo and 93 OG Tee.

(GIRL)RED McCrank x Mountain Teaser

Girl Skateboards and (RED) teamed up for a special collaboration to help end AIDS. We sat down with Rick McCrank and Lance Mountain to discuss skateboarding, Lance's art history, and the board he designed for Girl Skateboards and (RED).

For every purchase of a (GIRL)RED Rick McCrank Deck, $7 will go to the Global Fund to fight AIDS with (RED), which can provide more than 23 days of lifesaving HIV medication.

Mike Mo Capaldi | Crailtap Pro Picks

Mike Mo came through the Crailtap warehouse to pick up some new gear, so we thought we'd get you guys in on the action and discount his Pro Picks in the Crailstore.

Click here for Mo's Pro Picks -


NEW WEAKDAYS! The boys headed out to La Cresenta park after seeing a video review of the park, lets see if the park lives up to the hype!
Girl Skateboards
Chocolate Skateboards


The WEAKDAYS crew headed to Riverside to skate some DIYs. We even got McCrank and Simon to come down and get in on the sesh! Make sure to subscribe to the CrailTube for more!

Our man Ian Reid (@snitchonthis) came out to LA for the opening of his new show "A Days Work" and to debut his collab with @girlskateboards. Recap of his show now live on the Crailtube.

ANOTHER ONE! The Girl Skateboards and Chocolate Skateboards guys got together for another WeakDay sesh, this time at Hollenbeck. Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube for more!

THIS WEEKEND enjoy our Halloween Surprise Box! $100 gets you 2 boards, 2 tees, a hat a special treat and Free shipping! Only at

HBD Mike Carroll

Mike Carroll just weeks after @girlskateboards was born, 1993. Possibly the first flip in flip out of the nose manual variety. Again, happy birthday, Mike. Special guest appearance by our brother, @hellacoolsbc who def does care.

Chunk of Chocolat: NYC

Kenny Anderson and Vincent Alvarez head out to New York for the Keenan Forever Session and skate the streets. Special thanks to Huf and the Keenan Forever Foundation.

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Girl’s 20/20 board series, a homage to Vision Skateboards Art Director Andy Takajian, is now available in the Crail Store.

Introducing The Flaco - Stevie Perez new pro model shoe

After years of work in the streets, Stevie has deservingly earned a shoe with his name on it. Like Stevie's skating, The Flaco was designed with style and ability in mind. It's a shoe that can withstand weeks of skating due to it's suede/rubber CoBound ollie area, and it's minimal branding looks clean on and off the board. It is built with the skater's skater in mind, with design nods to Lakai classics such as the Howard Select from 2006.

Congratulations, Flaco!

Filmed by:
Federico Vitetta
Daniel Wheatley
Marvin Moran
Pang Flannery

Edited by:
Aaron Meza

Graphic FX:
Johannes Gamble

On the Crail Couch with Mike Sinclair

You might know him as the guy tormenting Billy Marks on King of the Road, or he might have sent you boards from Tum Yeto, or prank called you as alter ego on the come up, Larry Perkins. Either way Mike Sinclair has been a stable on the skate scene since early 90s so we knew he’d have some stories to tell. Welcome to The Tap and The Couch, Sinclair.

Clip of the Day with Johnny Jones

An early morning start and a couple Gatorade bottles later, Johnny knocks out this quick park edit at the Garvanza Skatepark.

Rye's Guys ep. 1

“If your name ain’t got an ‘R’ then you ain’t in the vid.”

Turns out our Jr Lensman, Rye Beres, and all his little blow buddies’ names start with the same letter. So to make good use of his time and theirs, we told him to start making some videos. Hopefully this won’t be the last one.

Chris Roberts #TBT

@chrisroberts #tbt from #prettysweet #chocolateskateboards
@the_breadcrumb_trail @tyevans
Go check out Chris's new podcast @thenineclubshow which debuting this week.

We Shred It, You Said It, We Read It with Kenny Anderson

Kenny Anderson responds to your YouTube comments

Rick Howard Mini clip from '98ish

An unearthed #RickHoward miniramp move from '98.
@girlskateboards #tbt

Timecode Tuesday with Rick Howard

Rick Howard '94
#timecodetuesday #atagthatwillporbablyonlyhappenonce
Filmed by @dp_timdowling

TBT Malto Footage

Hard to believe this was almost 10 years ago. @seanmalto #tbt #badassmeetsdumbass #girlskateboards

Slice of Life with Daryl Angel

We got up with Daryl Angel on one of his frequent stays in the LA area. Picking up shit, traffic, skating. It's all in here. He talks too!

McCrank Line in Barcy

Rick McCrank in Barcelona, filmed by Sam Newman

Innerspace Skateboarding